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    Reduce food waste, plastic & save more.

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Keeping food zen longer without plastic

Natural organic hemp cotton coated with organic beeswax and organic pine resin, to enable your taste buds & your fresh food to have the zeness experience possible.

How reusable beeswax food wrap works ?

Our reusable beeswax food wrap acts as a natural peel to your fresh food.

That is right a peel that breath and protect your food to keep them fresher and more crispy a longer time compare to plastic wrap or plastic bowl.

Psst we heard you well, the zenowrap easily hold itself around your love ones better than the other similar eco friendly solutions on the market. Give it a try !

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Did you know ?

Diminish your food waste

Households in Canada on average waste $28 worth of food each week ($1456 annually).

The reusable Zenowrap beeswax food wrap will help you to save money on food waste. Moreover, you will be zen knowing that you are diminishing your environmental impacts.

food waste beeswax food wrap online store free delivery in Canada