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What is Zenowrap made of ?
Natural organic hemp cotton coated with beeswax and pine resin, to enable your taste buds & your fresh food to have the zeness experience possible.

What sizes are best for my needs ?
Small 18 cm x 18 cm (7” x 7”)
Half-cut fruits & veggies such as avocado, lemon, cucumber, covering small bowls or small left over cheese.

Medium 25 cm x 25 cm (10” x 10”)
Small fresh herbs or to cover your leftovers bowls, snacks or cheeses.

Large 33 cm x 33 cm (13” x 13”)
Lettuce, kale & sandwiches.

Giant 61 cm x 33 cm (24” x 13”)
Celery or bread loaf fresh.

How to use it properly ?
Simply use the warmth of your hands to soften and form to the desired shape. Stay zen, when cool, the wrap will maintain its shape.

How to Wash ?
Wash only by hand with cold water with eco-friendly dish soap and air dry.

Is it normal that I have some stains on my beeswax ?
Yes it is natural that some food let some print on it. Stay zen, it is just of proof of wisdom and it won't alter their preservation capability.

How to store my reusable beeswax food wax ?
Roll them gently or pile them up in your drawer without preferably folding them.

Can I use it in a freezer ?
Yes you might want to use them in the freezer. However, after 2 weeks, we recommend you to have a look to the preservation of your food because some food are more sensible to freeze burn.

How long do Zenworap Last ?
Can last for 125 to 150 uses depending on how you wash them. When they don't seal any longer, you might want to consider purchasing a new set.

For what I shouldn't use them for ?
We don't recommend to use beeswax food wrap for uncooked meats. Also, let your food cool down before wrapping it.

Can I recycle or compost them ?
Plastic free, it's biodegradable so you can compost them or pay them a last respect by using them as fire starter.

Where does Zenowrap ships ?
We ship only in North America to minimize our footprint.

What is your return policy ?
Even if we put a lot of attention in those lovely beeswax food wrap we have a 100% customer satisfaction policy. Come and chat with us, we are here to listen and help you to assist you to use less plastic in your kitchen.